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package icon Microsoft.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates

Single Page Application templates for ASP.NET Core

package icon Microsoft.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates

Single Page Application templates for ASP.NET Core

package icon Take.Blip.Client.Templates

Templates for BLiP projets.

package icon giraffe-template

A dotnet-new template for Giraffe web applications.

package icon Amazon.Lambda.Templates

AWS Lambda templates for Microsoft Template Engine accessible with the dotnet CLI's new command

package icon IdentityServer4.Templates

IdentityServer4 Templates

package icon Boilerplate.Templates

Project and item templates containing common boilerplate code so you don't have to write it yourself. Includes special security, performance and best practice features.

package icon libyear

Display projects' dependencies and their outdatedness

package icon MiniScaffold

Simple F# Class Lib Project

package icon Idea42.NetCore.Templates

A set of useful templates that Idea42 uses to rapidly create projects

package icon NUnit3.DotNetNew.Template

Project and item templates containing basic NUnit 3 Test Project.

package icon Microsoft.Azure.IoT.Edge.Module

Scaffolding tool to setup azure iot edge module development environment.

package icon MadsKristensen.AspNetCore.Web.Templates

A collection of ASP.NET Core templates.

package icon DotVVM.Templates

DotVVM Project Templates

package icon Peachpie.Templates

Templates of PHP projects for .NET platform using Peachpie Compiler.

package icon Prism.Forms.QuickstartTemplates

Templates for Prism for Xamarin Forms. This includes an empty project template, a customizable quickstart template, module template, and item templates for Pages and Services.

package icon SAFE.Template

SAFE Stack Template

package icon Pioneer.Console.Boilerplate

Pioneer Code: .NET Core Console Application with dependency injection, logging & configuration

package icon Expecto.Template

Expecto .net core Template

package icon RaspberryPi.Template

An empty project template for .NET Core 2 IoT applications deployed to the Raspberry Pi 3. I wrote about how to use this template and install it into your development environment in this post:

package icon TeamWeb.MvcTemplate

Team Web Mvc Web Application

package icon cloudscribe.templates

Project template for starting new web application projects with cloudscribe library components

package icon MonoGame.Template.NETCore

Template of MonoGame DesktopGL project for VS Code + .NET Core tooling

package icon dotnet-new-nspec

It installs Visual Studio project templates to be used when creating projects from .NET Core 'dotnet new' command line interface. Currently, it contains a project template for a NSpec test library targeting both .NET Core and .NET Frameowrk. NOTE: Even if template currently creates a project supporting .NET Core Tools Preview 2 (the one based on project.json), in order to install custom CLI templates like this you need to have at least .NET Core Tools RC4 on your development machine.

package icon FiftyProtons.Templates.DotNetNew

Templates for "dotnet new" that create new templates.

package icon WebAPI.FSharp.Template

F# .net core Web API Template

package icon CakeApp

"dotnet new" solution template to create a core console app based on the Cake build system.

package icon Fable.Template.Elmish.React.Demo

Simple elmish application using React as a renderer

package icon Take.Blip.Client.ConsoleTemplate

Template for BLiP console.

package icon Kralizek.Lambda.Templates

Templates for AWS Lambda that use templates available in Kralizek.Lambda.Template

package icon Alza.Konzole.Templates.Microservice.Simple

Alza Konzole template for creating new simple microservice

package icon FiftyProtons.Templates.PSCore

PowerShell Core (RC2 or higher) templates for "dotnet new".

package icon Cake.Frosting.Template

Cake.Frosting templates for the .NET SDK.

package icon Microsoft.Azure.IoT.Edge.Function

Scaffolding tool to setup azure iot edge function development environment.

package icon LibraryInstallerExtensionTemplate

A project template for building Library Installer extensions

package icon GtkSharp.Template.CSharp

A set of C# templates for your .Net Core Gtk Application.

package icon NetEscapades.Templates

.NET templates, predominantly for ASP.NET Core

package icon PeterKottas.DotNetCore.WindowsService.Templates

Templates for dot net core microservice.

package icon Lykke.Template

Lykke internal API template

package icon DotNetify.React.Template

DotNetify-React SPA template for .NET Core featuring real-time dashboard.

package icon Vue.Simple.Template

A barebone template for Vue Js using Asp.Net Core 2.0.0 and Webpack 3.0 that contains Server Side Rendering and Hot Module Reloading

package icon MicroServiceWebApiTemplate

.NET Core WebApi Application

package icon MonoGame.Template.CSharp

A set of C# templates for your .Net Core MonoGame game.

package icon MadsKristensen.AspNetCore.Miniblog

A high-performance blog web site using ASP.NET Core MVC and the latest in client-side technologies.

package icon dotnetng.template

Creates the ASP NET CORE app with Angular.

package icon Korzh.EasyQuery.AspNetCoreTemplates

Allows you to install templates which can help you to use EasyQuery components in your ASP.NET Core project: create new controllers and views, add necessary script files, etc.

package icon PeterKottas.DotNetCore.WindowsService.Template

Minimal template for dot net core microservice.

package icon Petabridge.Templates

dotnet new templates for professional OSS projects

package icon Hub3c.Integration.Template

Hub3c Base Template

package icon BotwinTemplate

A dotnet-new template for Botwin applications.

package icon ParticularTemplates

dotnet new templates targeting Particular tools and libraries

package icon NServiceBus.Template.TransportAdapter.WindowsService

dotnet new template for hosting a ServiceControl.TransportAdapter in a windows service.

package icon Nethereum.Templates.Faucet

Nethereum Template Faucet: The Nethereum template faucet, is a web application template for a simple faucet to provide a limited amount of Ether to accounts in your Ethereum deployment

package icon Sheelersoft.AngularTemplate

A template for .Net Core and Angular

package icon Fable.Template.Library

Fable Template for Libraries

package icon NancyFx.Core.Template

NancyFx .net core F# Template

package icon SPARocks

Full stack ASP.NET Core/React SPA template.

package icon GtkSharp.Template.VBNet

A set of VB templates for your .Net Core Gtk Application.

package icon NorDroN.AngularTemplate

A dotnet-new template based on the Javascript Services angular template and OpenIddict

package icon HolisticWare.DotNetNew.XamarinProjectsStructureTemplate.CSharp

Creates folder structure/layout for Xamarin cross-platform libraries and bindings

package icon iQuarc.Geco.CSharp

As simple as it gets code generator, which is a console application that runs code generation tasks written in C# using interpolated strings.

package icon MonoGameTemplate

dotnet new template for MonoGame 3.6

package icon CustomAspNetCodeGeneratorTemplate

Provides a template for creating custom code generators to use with ASP.NET Core scaffolding.

package icon CodeItYourself.WebAPI.AWS.Lambda

Create an ASP.NET Core Web API ready to for AWS Lambda

package icon Popov1024.HttpApi.Template.CSharp

HTTP Api template. Included swagger and docker

package icon CodeItYourself.ASPNET.Raspberry

Create an ASP.NET Core Web application ready to run on your Raspberry Pi

package icon Nancy.Templates.BasicNetCoreApp

A dotnet-new Template for a basic NancyFx .Net Core App running on Kestrel

package icon CodeItYourself.WebAPI.EchoBot

Create a simple Bot with ASP.NET Core Web API

package icon ESMicroServiceWebApiTemplate

.NET Core WebApi Application

package icon Auth0.Templates

Auth0 templates for .NET Core

package icon SharpPad.Template

Template for SharpPad projects. Install & use this template via the dotnet cli

package icon MSBuildExtensionTemplate

A project template for creating a new MSBuild extension package.

package icon Persimmon.Templates

Persimmon Template Pack for Microsoft Template Engine

package icon Fable.Template.Jest

Simple Fable Jest App

package icon Fable.Template.Electron

Fable.Template.Electron App

package icon MK6.Tools.CakeBuild.Frosting.Template

Creates the Market6 Cake Frosting Build Script

package icon MvvmCross.Templates.CSharp.Native.SinglePage.iOS.Android

Creates an example single page MvvmCross app for iOS and Android.

package icon MadsKristensen.AspNetCore.PhotoGallery

A high-performance photo gallery using ASP.NET Core MVC and the latest in client-side technologies.

package icon Linn.Template

Linn Solution Template

package icon ctaggart.templates

my dotnet templates

package icon Fable.Template.Pixi

Fable.Template.Pixi App

package icon VitalElement.AvalonStudio.Templates

Default Templates for AvalonStudio

package icon Saturn.Template

Saturn Template

package icon Fable.Template.JavaScriptLibrary

JavaScript library built with Fable + FSharp

package icon ConsoleWithExpecto.Template

Create dotNet console application With expecto

package icon AspNetCore.WebApi.Templates

Customizable Razor templates for ASP.NET Core Web API controllers.

package icon Progress.AspNetCore.SpaTemplates.Angular

Kendo UI Angular provides native Angular UI components enabling you to take full advantage of the framework?s native performance capabilities. This template generates a fully working client-side application using Kendo UI Angular with ASP NET Core backend.

package icon Syncromatics.Engineering.DX.TravisCI.NetCore

Travis CI template for NuGet packages built with .NET Core

package icon WebApiWithSpa.Template.CSharp

Web Api with SPA template for dotnet core 2.0

package icon dotnet-tegun.template

Project template for automatically creating a tegun-project with needed DotnetCliTool-Reference

package icon Take.CustomerSuccess.Bot

Customer Success Bot Template - Take Customer Success Team - DotNet Core

package icon DotNetCore2.0WebApiTemplate

.NET Core 2.0 WebApi Application

package icon DotNetCore2WebApiTemplate

.NET Core 2.0 WebApi Application

package icon ASP.NET_MVC_Core.FSharp.React

Creates ASP.NET MVC Core SPA app with F# and ReactJS

package icon McMaster.DotNet.GlobalTool.Templates

Templates for creating .NET Core global tools

package icon CosmosDBSQLTemplate.CSharp

Creates an ASP.NET Core web application connecting to an Azure Cosmos DB SQL account.

package icon Itsomax.AppHost

Creates Itsomax App control template.

package icon aspnetcore-vuejs

Template for ASP.Net Core 2 WebApi and Vue.js 2 Client app with webpack and hot reloading

package icon DefiantCode.Cake.Frosting.Template

Creates the DefiantCode Cake Frosting Build Script

package icon Eto.Forms.Templates

Project and File templates for Eto.Forms

package icon Lykke.WebApiTemplate.CSharp

Creates a Lykke Web API application.

package icon Luigi.WpfTemplate

Creates a VSCode-debuggable basic WPF project.

package icon Piranha.BasicWeb.CSharp

Piranha CMS Basic Web Template

package icon URF.Core.WebApi.Templates

Customizable Razor templates for URF for .NET Core Web API controllers.

package icon NWheels.Template

Installs NWheels microservice template to dotnet-new